Wednesday, June 24, 2015

good morning utah

well here i am 
after a very long drive through Nevada with Macy - in a haul pulling a trailer with my car on it, with no music at all, and manual roll down windows - we made it. we talked about a lot of different things, she is so much fun. so thankful she helped me make that drive and was great company for the journey. 

we got to Jons around 2:30 and went to bed at 3. i slept with Jersey, Jons dog. we cuddled on the couch all night. it was cozy and nice. I woke up and went outside with her and laid down on the cool cement in his backyard and enjoyed the early morning temperatures for a bit. went back inside to try to sleep. then i went back outside and decided to sleep on the trampoline, it was a good choice. it was shaded with pieces of sun coming through the branches. after a while though it got too windy to stay there because leaves and pollen pieces were blowing into my hair. 
we woke up and went to get coffee and toast. 
and then it was time to start unpacking the uhaul... the fun part, right? UGH it was so hot. but Jon, Clark, Macy & I got it done. i can not thank them enough. i know how hard and not fun moving crap in the heat is, and i am so grateful and appreciative that they helped me do it. 

now i am sitting in my new little room in salt lake city , i've made it my own by putting some decorations out and hanging up a curtain. it feels nice. i like this room a lot the window faces north so i don't get any direct sun shining in, which i love. it helps keep my room nice and cool all the time. 

all i want to do is go out to eat, and find creeks, rivers or lakes to dip my toes into. but, i have to start looking fora job this week. aw man. but i'm excited to find a fun new job. i just don't know what i'll do yet! 

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