Sunday, October 12, 2008

i'm home

yes yes. i am home. anouk is on my lap & its cold outside.
kansas was quite the adventure. it was a lot of fun, which sounds crazy to say. but really it was a great trip.

Back in the 1860s-1870s my ancestors on my moms side immigrated from fife, scotland to victoria, kansas in hopes of owning their own land & establishing themselves. however, it didn't work out as planned. their family of 10 was cut down to 4, after the mother & 5 of her children fell ill from typhoid & died. their mother passed first in st louis on their way to victoria, & the 5 others fell ill along the way. in victoria another scottish family, the philip's aided & helped the sick kids & the family then later buried them, in unmarked graves that were lost for a time. the youngest son of that family had written a detailed letter to his daughter in much later years because she would be passing through the area. he told of all the misfortunes and hardships from the crossing to victoria. & those letters were given to my grandpa in the 1970s. he was from that point on going to pursue his dream to find the graves of his grandpas family. after 40 years, he & my mom found them. they went to kansas in may to look & found more than they expected. not only did they find the graves, but they found decedents from the philip family that aided my ancestors. they helped so much with filling in history for my grandpa & mom, they knew so much of it. the historical society in hays, kansas (next town over from victoria) helped so much as well. there was a wonderful memorial for my ancestors that was held october 11th at 3pm, & it was a surprising turn out. people showed up to respect not only history but my family. it is an amazing story & i am so glad it turned out as lovely as it did.

my mom is writing a book that will be published about the whole story of the seth clan & her travels and research and basically the whole story of finding our ancestors. everyone that helped her & my grandpa told her she needs to. i can't wait to read the book.


Ginger said...

Everything is fun when you are with people that make it fun. Something you or your family might like is the Family History Library in Salt Lake. Also there is a website that can help find ancestors. On that site there is a place where you can search for Family History Branches which are more Family History Libraries. There could be one near your family but you can do most of the family history searching online anyway so I am not sure if you need the library. Here is the address to the library in Salt Lake:

35 N West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84150
(801) 240-6535

alexandra-jade said...

cassie youre the queen of hand me downs. hand me somethin down. im lonely over here. i need a package or something!

stephanie said...

geneology is mainly done in LDS families, My mother actually has been doing it for years, and so did her mom and her moms mom, and so on, its insane.

Im glad you had a good time though, sounds like you learned a lot, I love learning though, Im sure it was also very nice to see your family again.

I hate not seeing bryce,
But, Ill see you soon.

ps. I have a house you can decorate.