Sunday, October 26, 2008

my brother

so my brother is in Afghanistan and has been since the beginning of this year. i don't ever hear from him. which sorta sucks. but i've lived with him my whole life and he broke my nose twice so its sorta mixed feelings.
everyone is worried about him being there and such but i'm not at all. hes fine. he will be fine. and i'm not worried at all. he is the biggest jerk i've ever met & he can talk his way out of anything and make anyone his friend. he is a quick thinker & he's been trained well. he always gets his way and wins whatever he does. it sorta sucks playing games with him or anything like that. but, he knows what he's doing and does it well.

the only thing i'm worried about is if he is maintaining his beard.


Ginger said...

That picture is cool! Tell him thanks for all he is doing from us. Oh wait, you can't talk to him. Well, when he gets back tell him thanks! I'm serious!

R.E.II said...


lovely lindsay said...

just checking in on this spot. good. you're still around. craft me up something. soon!

Michelle said...

okay sweeeet, im making that tonight. ill let you know how it goes. I always worry when I cook chicken on the stove that it wont be cooked all the way through. usually I bake it in the oven. so wish me luck!