Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i don't have much to say. besides i stole a garbage bin from the laundry room in my apartment complex. because we needed a garbage bin with a lid because anouk always gets in it (gross) and our other one was growing mold at the bottom, which is also disgusting. so i forgot to go to walmart (ew) last night to get one, but i had already threw out our garbage can before i left. so we really needed one. & my laundry room has 3, and so i figured they could do with out one.

i need to cook more, i haven't cooked anything in a while. i am getting so lazy it sucks. its cold in my house. oh oh i got a really good book called "the guernsey literary & the potato peel pie society"


Ginger said...

You would be cute at Starbucks. I like your new background. Yours are always cute. I'll see what I can do about Sam and Thanksgiving.

stephanie said...

hi there,
Im going to bryces on friday, is there any chance your going to be there too? cause Ill be all alone just waiting for him to fly in and drive home from tooele.

Kelsey said...

i loved that book!