Monday, October 27, 2008

pumpkin carving night

so last night i got pumpkins to carve at smiths. here are our finished products:

by me

by chase


Ginger said...

My mom wants us to carve some on my dad's b-day at their house. Are you or Sam going to be there? Somehow I knew that x one wasn't yours or Sam's before I even read that it was by Chase. It just didn't seem like either of you would do that one.

cult classic said...

i really like chase's!!
im excited for halloween i have the weekend off so i might go down to slo!

Michelle said...

I like your second one, and sams with the teeth looks like it has balls in its mouth. good pumpkins! I couldnt wait to make your dinner for dinner so I made it for lunch. now im fullllllll I wanna take a nap. the pears were the best part. thanks for the recipe

stephanie said...

I want to carve mine ASAP, but if you are all going to carve more, maybe I will wait and do it with you guys? Hmm

Yes let me know what the Landlord says. =)

Oh, and I think I got what you had, Im way sick. Havent kept anything down.