Monday, April 13, 2009

parted in the middle

today i went back to school .. it was hard. i was so tired. ah. too much to deal with. but i got through it. now i am procrastinating. again. i used to be good at not doing that but it gets worse with time & school. ryan is way worse at it than i am. so much worse. it makes me laugh and also feel a bit bad. tonight he has to draw 10 things he wants to one day paint. so i helped him come up with things. the things i came up with were:

x- infinity
x- me
x- harbor
x- a bookshelf
x- paper scattered, different colors & bends
x- an empty but interesting dessert
x- a churro?
x- a close up of a key on the keyboard, maybe the letter G
x- birds flying against the wind
x- shiny metal tools on a silver tray

i have three candles going. one is a napa valley harvest candle - i've had it for 7 years and it is still not even close to being done. I LOVE IT. it smells like perfect, just lovely. i am also buring a deep dark purple gardenia & a brand new light blue sea spray scented candle. i love aromas.

well bloggers. come out and play. i need some friends over here in my comments and things. is it because i dont say hi enough?


meg said...

yo. i'm bored!

AC Stokes said...

Gestures of appreciation I think are really the only thing any of us wants and needs.

Pres8Jes said...

oooh that one yr old tunic! it used to come down to presleys ankles, now we put leggings underneath it or wear it to bed, its one of her favorite pieces of clothing. shes been a good friend lately.
we cant wait to see you so i hope all works out for june, let me know when its a for sure deal, i will get our tickets ordered.
hows cali today?
it just started snowing here out of the blue, and its really coming down, i hate it.
but this weekend should be good and all of next week.
POST IT: come to utah for june 11!

michelle said...

I forgot where I read it, but I saw on here once that you needed new sunglasses.

yesterday I found cute ones on polyvore (to buy/not$10,934.00 like everything on there)

and a few on

just felt like sharing.