Friday, April 10, 2009

home -

here i am back home . its nice. its like i never left which is always so weird. my cat is all over me she missed me so much. i love her..

so it was a fun trip. parts. we went to the mystery spot yesterday. it was very cool - google it then go to santa cruz & go to it. but its so pretty around there. so green. bri's hut is up past it and its so cool. totally round & strange and all solar powered. its an interesting way to live.

san luis was BEAUTIFUL. oh my gosh. it was so green and just amazing. i wish i had a camera that could have taken photographs of it.. but i didn't . looks like i'll just have to go back.. at first i really wasn't that into slo. i mean i thought it was beautiful and thats that but i actually really love it. i like how there is stuff to do but its just chill, its not all crazy & busy. its just a focused town. i was thinking of going to cal poly (if at all possible) to get my bachelors. next year of course. i just got my camera working today which sucks. i wish i could have taken photos along the trip. i hope it works this time. ryan showed me how to do it right. he has an olympus like mine but his has a flash. cool! ryan is my new .. friend. i think we have one photo together or something. thats all. hes really nice. he is an art major, he does AMAZING art. thats enough on him. i wont go further. for now. um what else.. well i guess thats all that matters. the beach was nice today i dropped my phone in the ocean but it works and nothing happened. weird. good luck.


michelle said...

is mystery spot the same thing as confusion hill?

michelle said...

it is off the 101 in like piercy I think. it has like a gravity house and trippy things of the such. looks alot like that house thing you guys are standing in. super duper sweet. looks like a fun trip, im jealous.

jesssse said...

The pictures of the Mystery Spot aren't taken properly. The camera should be tilted so that the shot is lined up parallel to the floor of the house.

Ginger said...

Looks like you had fun. I can't believe your phone still works!