Tuesday, April 7, 2009

san luis obispo

here i am .. in slo. i'm at kevin, adam & wades apartment on kevins mac. i've been taking photos of myself and laughing. jackie & tiffany are downtown. i didn't really feel like walking around in the cold. i'm a bummer, what can i say. oh well. tonight we might go bowling. oh yeah its RAINING here today. sucks. i wish it wasn't. tomorrow night we go back to santa cruz. that'll be nice. but really i can't wait to be home in my own bed with my kitten.. who i miss a lot. cal poly is a really pretty place..

i better go find tiffany and jackie. if they even want me to hang out with them. i'm getting vibes that they don't want me around. why does that always happen. i don't do anything. i'm just a chiller. i like to just chill. oh well , differences. signing off -


meg said...

photobooth is ADDICTING!!!

chanelle said...

i have your postcard. i didn't send it while i was there, i don't know why. we all had the hardest time finding stamps, and when we finally found some, i didn't buy any because i was lazy at the moment (i suck)!. but i'll mail it with a letter of love which will be better i think. i've missed talking to you. it's strange being home after such an amazing escape. i think you know the feeling. xoxoxo