Sunday, November 7, 2010

a new job

Mitch & i hung out at O'Shucks with Kate & Peno... i love those two they crack me up so much. had a couple of drinks and ate some food then headed over to the show. Kate, Kira & i were just cracking jokes left and right and being all silly. and Kira spilled her beer on the floor then i spilled my (disgusting) Effen vodka mixed drink on the floor and on myself shortly after. we were all so out of place there it was great

and i start my new job at Bruges Waffles & Frites tomorrow @ 9am... i am so excited to finally have a job. plus a pretty cool yummy one makes it funner... hopefully i don't pig out too much.

here are these:


miranda said...

haha! mr. celebrity guest. i love that

Anonymous said...

Ya, I am a T lister.. Actually more a V lister. Hey, I was just helping with the event! Sheesh!

michelle said...

I love effen vodka. lol