Monday, November 15, 2010

trauma in the ER

yup! last night Payton got 2nd degree burn on her upper left thigh from spilling hot tea on it.. ouch. we rushed to the ER after putting cold water on it and cold cloths. and well , yeah. what else can i say? it was a sad night but she is a brave kid. of course she cried and screamed but after she calmed down she handled it very very amazingly. doc got her all cleaned up and slathered ointment on her leg and dosed her up with lortab. and voila, shes like it never even happened - until we have to clean the owie or the pain meds wear off - but shes great today. really. no one needs to worry at all. i bet she'll have a neat special little scar from it. she'll be like me... i got my first big scar when i was 3 or 4 ... its on my face! scars are rad. payton even goes "isn't it cool?" cause i told her her owie looked cool. so today i went out and picked up some paint & potatoes for some special potato stamp art work/ finger painting. here is the work of art -