Wednesday, November 3, 2010

looking for inspiration

i wonder how people find their "muse". or just their inspiration. how do you even inspire thoughts from every day things? i mean i know how you do, but how do you transform things differently to make them into something almost surreal? with out it being over the top or just plain ridiculous? think about it. people are creative. but i wonder where they really get it from. do their minds really just spit out clever ideas on a whim ? or do they find it someplace else? they'd never tell. no one tells their sources. mitch has a quote he likes and its "the secret to being successful is knowing how to hide your sources" . which is true. whether it be an actual source you are deriving your outcomes from or whether its your own mind - with infinite sources and combinations and ideas that are molded together inside the hidden places in your brain. its pretty wondrous to think about. i have been doing a lot of thinking today - not even sure if its considered creative.
just trying to think of clever, catching, captivating & clear ways to present an item to the world. its pretty difficult. since it seems as though the whole world has used up every idea you think about. think about that. yeah. but i know there are things that haven't been thought about. and i'm the one trying to think about them. & find them really..

some people are so clever. i wonder if i'm clever?

here are some clever things i've found :

here is a song that is inspiring to the mind ~ this is good if you have great speakers & excellent bass. listen to everything LOUD. or else.. why are you listening at all??


Jenna said...

Agreed, must be played loud. Music is always best when loud as shit.

Ashley said...

I think often about how everything (basically) has already been thought of. It really gets me down sometimes. Just goes to show that you wrote what i thought of too. Everyone has already thought my thoughts.

Kelsea Leigh said...

you are very clever! and creative :)

clkiggins said...

There is so much yet to be discovered it's unreal.

beautifulurself said...

Tycho is my favorite! Looooooooove!