Thursday, February 23, 2012

a list of things

i love making lists.

here are some things i want to do.
and want. blah blah blah. want want want.
need need need.

. to eat better
. be nice
. travel to hawaii, costa rica, europe, anywhere i wanna go
because its gonna happen and i'm gonna find what i'm looking for.
. save money
. try snowboarding , since i have all the right gear.
. run more
. wash my face every night
. send more mail
. leave it in the past and forget about it <--- now
. sell those sorel boots, you wont need them where you're headed.
. wear those coach glasses more
. update your etsy as much as possible ! ::
. encourage all women to be friendly to each other
. be friendly to all women
. eat more quinoa
. figure out what you want to do with yourself
. study birds
. go to mexico and swim with whales
. stop having horrible car luck (thanks dad, somehow luck can be genetic)
. christmas cookie candle ...
. work out , run stairs, get babe'n
. keep trying on the new bikini ... for motivation of course
. post more photos
. blog more . its fun to look back on what i said

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