Thursday, April 26, 2012

boring. dont even bother reading.

its so weird
that i don't know what to write about anymore.
i feel like im always complaining or whining about something. 
or im just droning on and on about useless things. 
like i am right now.
or im bragging and no one likes to read bragging. i have no creative outlet . the only creative thing i like to do is write. and i dont even do that. i hate writing in a journal. i feel like thats retarded. i dont want to re-read all my past boring stuff in a paper journal. where as here, i know that whatever im writing is meant to be read . because if i post something stupid then people will read it and that will be ridiculous. so i only post things that express myself in a way that other people can relate, discuss and applaud me on. or debate. 
but like seriously if you're coming here to debate with me, get a life. i dont even want to deal with that. i hate haters who lurk hard for conflict. 

plus i hate that i have to censor myself.
i cuss all the time. but i know when not to so i dont sound disgusting. but dang, i really could let loose on this blog. i don't know if it would come across the right way. but still. its the way i am and its the way i talk. i dont really have a problem with it at all either. 

but i think a lot of my family members read my stuff. so that would be awkward. 

ive been working out lately. i look pretty great. ive still gotta get my legs in better shape. but over all im satisfied with myself. im trying to get more self confidence and shit like that. i think it'll work good for me in the long run. im also eating better. i make bomb smoothies quite often . im basically a pro. i'll post my drinks later. thats for another time. i'll bombard your brain with beverage photos on a later day. 

work in progress. arent we all... 

so since im talking about me me me me me here is me: 
if i was a normal blogger these photos would be spaced out over time and wouldn't be posted at the same time like a vain, narcissistic, turd. but since im not im just throwing them at everyone all at once. because why not? its my blog and i'll do whatever the hell i want. 

the day i learned how terrible the front camera is.

my jimmy choo glasses

never put on a fake tattoo. 
they are horrible to get off. 

me showcasing a jacket thats for sale on my etsy

i decided against the hat later on 

girls night . pre-game

at the airport . wishing i could fly away & never come back. 

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Jade said...

of course i'll help you with your blog. you should come over... how about that... haha- but what are you thinking? email me or text me