Monday, April 9, 2012

im incredibly restless
im ready to go

i dont ever ever ever want to look back into my past
its worthless. i don't care what you say.

im giving away all my things
and selling them . trying to keep up my etsy for some income
my optician job is driving me up the wall
im tired of working full time
i'd rather be with kids

i want to get married. i feel old.
i want to travel
i feel like im growing roots in a place i dont want to be rooted to
how do i acquire so much stuff?
how do i get rid of clothes when i love them all so much?
being almost 24 is hard.
i think im ready to sell my snowboard and boots
i really dont think i'll ever realistically use it.
any takers?

i sound so negative
and unhappy

oh maybe because i am right now
its a beautiful place i live in
surrounded by awesome people and great friends
i just cant shake this feeling of needing..// wanting to leave

so i will send you here: MY ETSY
in hopes of any interweb stragglers who have come across my page
and read my cry for help
to purchase things from my site
to go toward the "get me the hell out of here" fund

i need to upkeep this blog more
because it is a good way to look back on my life
even tho ... wait wait.
didnt i just say i dont want to look into my past?
god i cant keep up with myself

some one save me
(prince harry, im talkin to you)

completely ready to voyage to new places and try new things and get out and leave.
and totally warped, twisted, unreal and disconnected. 

how did i end up here? 

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