Saturday, April 28, 2012

make over

lucky for me, my old pal Jade is going to give my poor sloppy blog a make over. 

which in the end, is lucky for everyone
because it will be much more visually appealing. 

and i am giving myself a make over too
in a lot of areas of my life. not just aesthetically, but spiritually too. my friend April has been an enormous help with my spirit growth. my friends Audra, Paris & Kylie have been incredibly helpful with ways to make my body feel & look better. gosh. i dont know where i'd be with out good friends. 

but dont worry, i wont look like this all the time 

only on certain nights , rare occasions. 

i save my nice stuff for being around the general public. i also don't generally like to show off my body in this type of way, but i've been working pretty hard to look like this so i feel alright about it. 

im either in scrubs (8-5 monday thru friday) 
or im wearing the most comfortable outfit possible because im just chillin doing whatever . 

so anyway 
i am trying to get back in the groove of writing a blog
i dont want to be all fragmented and go off on weird subjects and talk about dumb crap all the time
so bare with me. 

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