Monday, July 9, 2012


ive been so bad at writing!
i keep getting asked when ill be updating  new post
and i keep saying "soon" and "soon" never rolls around...
so finally im just making myself do it.
i have had SO much going on.

i have so much music i want to share
but i cant find it all to post . its all in that "new" stage.
so i'll give you this to start:

had a weekend long ladies adventure with my girls
here we are at VEX in our vip booth. 
jackie, alyssa, jenelle, jessica, me, chelsea & sara. 
so much fun. so much fun in fact, that i cant remember it.
all i remember is i slept in the bathtub. 
and it was comfortable .

went swimming the following weekend with the cutest baby ..
Jeffy! him & i are best friends now. love him forever 

here we are. look at him. just look
hes so precious i adore him.
he sees me and goes "hi cassie!"
with a big ol grin on his face. 
sweetest thing

jason diving on command . 
such funny shots


audra & her boy jason. 
i am SO glad that they were game to do this for me!
i am so pleased with how perfect they look . 
i love my lifeproof case for my iphone.

baby jeffy. 
sweetest sight i ever saw. 

i made him dive over and over again 
maybe 17 times. 
and he was game. 
thanks for being a MFing athlete jason! 
you make me feel like a fat dump! hahahaha

then i went to brewfest. 
but i lost my ID so i was illegal the entire time
lucky for me, 
i know people who give me alcohol with out needing to see my ID 
because its obvious im 23 almost 24. right? 
i wish i looked my age and not 12. 

but see here? there i am drinking Trout Slayer
and Jackie , see her? shes drinking Jamaican Red.

then i went to tahoe for the 4th of july
and here is me and my hair
on west shore (thebestshore) 
it was an amazing 4th
i dont feel like posting photos from that day
because i took a ton. and it would be too hard to narrow it down
so this is the only one im posting
its great , at least

and then i went BACK to tahoe 
and did some amateur fire dancing
and its my new aspiration. 
i think i will take it up when i get back from mexico

i hope i have satisfied all my readers
whoever you are
i dont even know if i have "readers" 
it seems like i just write to thin air

follow me on instagram , i post more there
because its easy. :: casstaway :: 

i'll try to write more . 
i say that everytime 
but i really mean it. 


Jenna said...

You always take such good photos!

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