Monday, August 20, 2012

oh hey there...

i went to mexico for two weeks
that was awesome. it was crazy beautiful and surreal. 
i was there? what? 
i still cant believe it. 

these are my two best pals from the trip , my car mates , my bunk buddies & the two funniest people ive met in a long long time ... wes & jen. i miss them terribly. oh how i hate distance... well... no... i dont hate distance... i hate not being able to jump across it whenever i want. 

i miss everyone from my trip. they were all my family. love them. 

i swam with sea lions
had dolphins swimming under and around my boat 
saw whale sharks under my boat. a swordfish. flying manta rays. 
dove for clams and ate them. ate raw scallops from the bottom of the sea of cortez
had gangs of bullseye pufferfish following me at all times whenever i went in 
bird watched the most incredible species
slept on cots on the beach underneath hundreds of stars every night
got a mean tan 
and didnt break any of my nails 

so all in all... amazing trip. wanna see photos? OKAY SURE! 

thats just some. i am still waiting for the other photos to surface from other peoples cameras. 
my soul grew larger from being in mexico. 
its a great place. 

so yeah
. i'll leave you with that. 

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Danny Dilworth said...

Beauteeeeful queen of everything :) You're quite the talent wif the camera.