Saturday, June 30, 2012


i have no clue what to even write about

its all a scramble . 

i did go to tahoe last weekend with 7 girlfriends and we "partied" all weekend for jackies birthday. it was pretty fun. we got a VIP booth at Vex in Harveys , courtesy of jessica. it was great. never been to a club before. dancing is fun. we got lots of photos but i am not gonna post them all here cause just , no. too much work. but this is one of me and jackie that i like a lot 

oh, two more of my photos were featured on blog. you can check them out here 
pretty pleased. i like having my 'work' featured on things. considering i dont even have my own dslr anymore.. i think im doin alright. i cant wait to have a camera again tho. one day... i'll save up all that cheese and buy myself somethin nice. refurb nikon d3 with my classic 50mm 1.4. why not... i set my sights high ... i may be short but i can always reach ...

im planning on moving to Oahu for sure. i talked to my soul sister of many years (how many has it been? i cant remember) about where and which island to move to... she thinks Oahu would be my vibe. so im just gonna go for it one day. im not worried. i want to move to england after hawaii. dramatic change. but ive always wanted to take advantage of my duel citizenship. and i dont want to move to france til i can speak it better. 
you guys like how long its taken me to decide what i want to do with my life? whatever. i started off with something and then along the way changed my mind and then started a life somewhere else so i got tied up with that... so many paths in life. 

here are two photos that have nothing to do with anything ive talked about 

me at wrights lake. 

crazy clouds. i couldnt get a good photo to express how strange they were. 

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beautifulurself said...

Yesss. Oahu! If you won't have a car out there, consider getting a bicycle :)