Wednesday, August 22, 2012

im just sayin .

all i want

is a guy with a beard who likes to travel 
and who loves me like nothing else

and a motorcycle 
and some cookies
to see roux one more time 
an anklet 
& to travel around the entire united states 

one day. 
i gotta start learning how to be positive
can someone teach me/? 
probably can't be taught. 
im just not happy lately. 
its hard. 
nothing is going right for me
so its hard to be "positive" or whatever... 
when its a giant mix of things that just suck. 

i need help. 
as in 
a pina colada 
a salmon meal
& a new pair of jeffery campbell heels 
and a hottub

heres to a change of attitude and 

hopefully better luck  - 

1 comment:

beautifulurself said...

i suggest tuesdays with morrie, if you havent already read it for some positivity inspiration. <3