Sunday, August 26, 2012

my favorite shape

i kind of fell out of the blog writing groove

i used to be kinda okay at it
and now whenever i get on here im like, 
well shit. what am i supposed to say? 

i guess i'll just ramble on about random junk and hope that captures your attention.

ive been painting my nails dark lately. black is my new favorite. 
i've also started a new book written by Queen Noor... she is such a badass. i need to read about Rania next. 
i am so captivated by real life princesses & queens. 
i seriously day dream about being a queen. 

i mean. i AM a queen.
im the queen of everything. 
my name "cassandra" loosely translates into "queen of everything" in arabic. 
which is perfect since i am also obsessed with arabic culture.

okay but really. thats just urban dictionary. 
they told me that.
but who am i to disagree? 
it sounds legit to me ... 
i think i'll buy a tiara. 

i love a good pen. 
i just recently stole a pen that writes pink. 
i never need to write anything tho. maybe if i would attend college again i would have a reason to write
but college sounds so.... 
you know? 
i dont know if i can handle that kind of stress again. 
it did give me an ulcer once upon a time. that was painful and really sucked. 
plus i dont know what i want to do anymore. i thought i knew . a long time ago. 
i have my bachelors in alternative systems of medicine. but i dont use it . nor do i care to 

i want to work with kids. and be the boss. 
and i also want to be fabulous.
i have such good priorities. 
i blame it on social media. 

i wish i had better discipline. 
ive seriously said that a million times
i dont know how im supposed to control my bullshit 
when i override myself all the time. 

cassie dont eat that
screw it, dont eat it next time

have all you want right now
then i hate myself afterward

im such an asshole. 
i mean common
youre 24 this year and you eat like youre a 7 year old. 
you cant eat cookies and bullshit and act like it doesnt affect you 
youre getting ugly. people are starting to notice 

if you actually put a box of chocolate chip cookies in front of me 
i am freaking out right now just talking about them. 


damn it. 

well i guess i should go now
i need to go find a snack.
something that wont add to the mass i have clinging desperately to my bones. 
shiiiiiiit. im such a girl right now. 
dont tell me to eat celery. 
i hate the stuff. 

oh yeah, anyone can comment my blog
you dont need an account to do it
so tell me a chocolate chip cookie i can eat with out feeling guilty.



valerie.rose said...

Paleo cookies!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you don't know me, but we pretty much have the same thought process.
I love reading what you write.

Leonid said...

I don't understand why you are so hard on yourself. I presume you wouldn't talk to other people in your life in such a harsh and judgmental manner, so why do you think it's okay to talk to yourself like that?

Seriously! Start treating yourself with some respect! Christ!