Saturday, May 10, 2008

beauty in all forms

books, music, flowers, and perfume are typical delights. promote peace & harmony, & will invariably opt to bypass hostile confrontations whenever some equally effective method can be employed. most ready to tolerate the beloveds failings. honesty, fairness, and justice. fast travelers; the sharks. trying to be all things to all people, there is a general impression : indecisive. affectionate, warmhearted, sentimental, naturally optimistic - everything to please. talent for making people feel at ease. will find ways to succeed one way or another. using wit & charm. tennis, hiking, horseback riding, skating, & aerobics. the most desirable. need to be liked. mellowness & sense of relaxation in the air. won't hesitate to walk away; with no further explanation or thought of returning. solve the matter then and there. elegance, charm & good taste, naturally kind, very gentle, & lovers of beauty, harmony & pleasures that these bring.

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This one was fun to draw. :-)