Tuesday, May 6, 2008

patang patang

thoughts of you.


my body itches ever since mallory told me she has poison oak. i've never had it, i don't think i can get it because my dad & brother have had it millions of times and i've been around it so much. its in her eye. i asked her "did you dive naked into a bush or something? how do you do that?"

which reminds me,
stephanie was in my dream last night. probably because i read her blog before turning off my computer. the dream was pretty funny. bryce came into my work and found some long lost friends and said "i cant hang out stephanie might get mad" and i said "no she wont i'm going over to her house" so he left somewhere and i went to her house, but her house was a store. and i had to park in a really weird spot on a hill thing behind a silver car. but we tried on clothes and talked and did REALLY weird things. she had on a giant hat with tassels on it. i ended up wearing all white. at the end of the dream we got poison oak and i swear i was itching myself in my sleep and thats why i woke up at 7 am.

once, i was the elevator master in one of natalies dreams. 


stephanie said...

hahaha, oh my my..

so.. i meant i have no list, but then when i read it i was at the park and watching the guys play some b-ball. anyhow i read a little before that and its all "ps.. i have no friends" and im like.. yeah that too. i have none.. if that makes sense?

dude, i have a stomach ache too. it sucks.. (i dont know if you still have one. but... ugh.)

stephanie said...

Bryce is in white, and hes up against reed, and then theres steve, and then matts in shorts, well swimming trunks lol.

but those are the boys.

and okay.