Monday, May 26, 2008

last day

at mels.
i got ToOoOoOns of tips!
it was great.
i'll miss it a bit. i'll miss trina for sure! she is so great i love her.
"its like one tree hill"

but i'm glad to be gone.

I might have a job in utah already - as a nanny.
i'm really excited. i just gotta pick the family...
... think i know which one.

on wednesday tiffany and i are having our last day.
im sad. im gonna miss the guts out of her.
we'll eat someplace. BJS brewery .


stephanie said...

one goes about that by not getting enough Iron in her diet, Im anemic. bleh.

anyways, you will be here soon,
we will be at my pool soon.-- if im still alive haha..

eek okok, you shouldnt have put "last day" cause its not like your not going to be writing on this thing anymore

im a little out of it today.

stephanie said...


I love smart water, it has Electrolytes in it!

haha oh my god i think im dyslexic, i was reading the "q" where you type in the letters below, and i kept putting "p"

man... today is JUST MY DAY..