Thursday, May 22, 2008

first farewell

i had my first goodbye. me and brooke happened to both be wearing california shirts. (homegrown & hollister) we thought it was a sign of some sort. she might be moving to hawaii, its not a sure thing. but if she does i am so visiting all the time.

today i returned my school books. got a hawaiian pizza, a yoohoo, 2 truffles, a cartoon of goldfish, 6 salt water vanilla taffys and ... i'm eating them all. i've been slowly packing up my things. i have so much stuff. i'm nervous but very excited. i need to find a temp job, i'm not too worried but still... minimum wage in utah is a joke.

i rented milo and otis , because i haven't seen that since i was maybe 8 or 9 years old. reminiscing is my favorite thing, above anything, to do... and i've said that before. i get a new phone tomorrow, i'm switching to verizon. 

i need new shorts. oh dang.

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