Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6:30 - 3:30

yeah. i worked that long...

my feet hurt. my head hurts. my back hurts.
we had so much to do today. not to mention we stayed a bit later to set up for american idol. american idol needs to stop. seriously. how many "idols" do we need... this is the 29385 season. STOP! we are done with it!

oh oh! we got our new couch cover today. i also got a fall puzzle in the mail from my momma. she is so nice. my mom is great. i wish she'd come to visit.


stephanie said...

Hey yo,
Yeah I read about it, and I have been wanting to see it for so long, and My dad really wants to see it too. and I also heard that bryce wants to see it. so Im totally going.

I like the cover on the couch it looks nice. I want a new couch all together. and Yes market street is amazing

Ginger said...

Your house is looking very nice. I hope your treats are at least frozen! that's a bummer. Good luck with all that modeling stuff. Sounds fun.

cult classic said...

it is really cute.