Thursday, September 11, 2008

autumn treats

here are 3 little gifts being sent off today...

one for the payne family

one for stephanie

& one for JOE!

the little treats i baked up last night. sour cream apple bars. i couldn't eat them all myself, so i decided they would be for joe's birthday gift. -his birthday was yesterday- after i gave joe a lot in his gift, there were quite a bit left over. again i couldn't eat even the left overs by myself so i divided up the rest & packaged them up for two other gifts. & all i have left are these three pieces. THOSE i can eat by my self... easy.


stephanie said...

awh, it even says get better on it!!

I know I want to move downtown, but all my places I need to be are in sandy, and Im just downtown when I am with Bryce,so.. yeah even though I love it downtown.. I dunno.

But, uhm, I have storage under my house, its like a little compartment for midgets, its weird.. Ill have to show you it sometime.

email shmemail:

i cant wait to gobble down some treats, cause its the season of the turkey..


cult classic said...

cassie haha omg so true. what you said and we do need to go on a couples date. sushi!!! actually mitch doens't like sushi we should jsut go to redbud. ahha
i 've seriously taken so many pictures and have been like i need to blog about this and then. can't find the fucking cord. horrible.
im going shoopping tommarow for the first time in MONTHS and i'm quite excited. but im going bymyself :(

andOMG dnny bought me an elephant pipe!!! so fucking good!