Monday, September 15, 2008

a week off

this week, i have it off. its kinda nice, but i have nothing that i need to get done. except wednesday, my boss from wells fargo just text me asking if i could work at 6:30 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. i said yes. because i need the moneys & because i know i will be doing nothing if i didn't work.

i really don't like doing nothing. is that weird or normal? i like to be doing things and being productive. theo & mary janes family went on a river trip in moab this week, so i don't get to see them until next tuesday. i was supposed to watch Pres this morning but nat is sicky-ish so i'll start watching pres next monday instead.

i was thinking of walking to the bank today to deposit 25 dollars. i need to walk more, so since i live in a place were there are sidewalks i'm going to try taking advantage of it while its cool out but not snowy or rainy yet. i also want to check out the library sometime this week. maybe today. maybe tomorrow. i can't do much else because i can't spend money. i also am going to walk down south temple to a mailbox to send of some letters & goodies. i love that i live a block over from south temple. all the huge houses & old buildings. its a nice street.


stephanie said...

ok, me and bryce go a day without eachother and were saying "I miss you" like 30x in that day haha, dont worry, you and same are in love.. thats all it is =)

So, when is he leaving? Dallin and Bryce are going to not have Chase Or Sam for a little, but then they have josh.. when hes around.. I like him. Hes way nice.


Thank you for the treats, I ate them that night after smoking. haha.. they were very very yummy.

blah blah.. ill write later, or you may text me haha
I dont have work but i have lunch with my father.

bye bye

Ginger said...

I need to check out your place sometime.