Monday, September 15, 2008

body worlds & kansas

so on sep. 19 the body worlds exhibit opens. it stays open till jan 10. but i wan't to go now! i've waited too long to see this. it was in santa barbra once i think in cali. (among other places too) and i really wanted to go but it didn't work out. so now that its right downtown on 209 E & 500 S i can be there by walking even. my mom's friends back home in california told me about plastination about a year or so ago & ever since i've been intrigued by this.
i can save $2 off general admission.
i want to go. anyone else? let me know lets make it a fun trip.
here is the page/coupon for $2 off : [link]

so about kansas... i'll be heading there october 9th with my family until the 12th. my great ancestors from scotland ended up there when they were trying to come out to california a REALLY long time ago. my mom & grandpa went out there a couple months ago & found their graves and info about them. so we are going out there & the mayor wants to speak and have a big ceremony for some reason. we are also looking for this chair that was in our family too. i guess its like a big deal. i don't know much about it. but it sounds cool & its a family vacation thats paid for. plus i've never been to kansas. the town we are going to is quite literally the exact center of the united states. its so weird. i'm pretty nervous because kansas is in tornado ally. and i'm a fan of tornadoes. so lets hope i see one.


Ginger said...

I don't really know when tornado season starts but that sounds fun. Road trips rock! I love seeing the way people live in other places. We went to the bodies museum in Vegas last spring or winter or something. It is really neat but weird.

Ginger said...

Oh even better a mini road trip in a minivan. Sorry I forgot to answer you other questions. I am retarded. We would love to come visit on Monday. We will talk about it this weekend and yeah I can e-mail you that picture. What is your e-mail again? Sorry I lost it. Remember I am tarded.

stephanie said...

hahahahh "beginner whores in training"
best put.

Daffernia said...

Best of luck for your trip to kansas.