Saturday, February 28, 2009

adventure secret spot

today i went on a little spur of the moment adventure. found a hidden canyon in my backyard & a colony of lady bugs. it was refreshing & that spot will be frequented often. here are the photos from this day. believe it or not, this was unknown to me for the 10 years i've lived here. wild.

then i took some photos of my sister & her friend julie. here are some good ones:


kelsey lucia said...

me and nelly would call these canyon adventures "Trespassing" haha. i love your photos. im jealous of your little adventure spot and cool things i.e. ladybugs.which one is yoour sister?

Pres8Jes said...

im glad you are coming soon.
ive missed your presence in the valley.
that looks like a fun adventure. its getting warmish here sometimes..
oh i love this have time.
call me.

chanelle said...

i love thrifting. it's always so much fun to find cool stuff. and adventuring is always the best. finding places and things in your own backyard that you had no idea existed. so fun! you and your sister look alike. ohh and i can't wait to see the photos you'll take with jake. you guys are a good team! xoxoxo

chanelle said...

oh yeah, major differences of course. i could just kinda tell that you two were the sister out of her and her friend. and that i dunno, just how your sister looks just i mean... i could just tell she was related to you. hahaha