Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mmm dang that truffle was delish. can't wait for the next one.

i made that necklace. i wish i had the $ to make as many as i wanted. but dang that beadstore is eXpennnsive. i spent a long time in there and came out with only those supplies plus two other small things. so hard. being creative is expensive. its the truth.

tomorrow my mother comes home. i can not wait. i want to go buy paints so bad & go to trader joes for some mochi ice cream and pretty much everything else in that store. who else loves trader joes as much as i do? it SUCKED living in utah with out it. it has a couple cool things but nothing comparable to california. i do miss it sometimes tho. the canyons ,my few friends i had there. the grid system. oh man. the grid system. bummer. i took a way long nap today so now i'm doomed to stay awake most of the night. i need a sleeping pill. i don't want to be sick. anyone know any remedies to keep me from getting sick? i'll consult my herb book. its my bible. i can't wait to be a natural doctor. i can not wait.
here will be my title:

Cassaundra N Leconte | N.D. / Master Herbologist.
Orthobionomist - Cranialsacral therapist - Massage Therapist

+ World traveler & Accupuncture certified


chanelle said...

being creative can be soo expensive, i know. like those oil paints and brushes i told you about. i bough a few big tubes and a few really good brushes and they were over $100 it was ridiculous! i wish they had cheap but good arts and crafts stuffs.... hmmph. love the necklace xoxoxo

Ginger said...

Funny. That is what I think about Cali. Not as cool as it thinks it is. I guess we always love the place our roots were planted and nothing else will ever compare.

Lisa said...

keep dreaming big cassie- it's all there for you!

michelle said...

hi I love your necklace.

Pres8Jes said...

utah thinks its cool?
utah has perfect mountains.
but thats about it.

i think you know the remedies for fighting sickness, just keep doin it, plus rest, you'd not believe how much it will help.
i didnt get much of it last night, my daughter has me wrapped around her finger and i need help!
i leave tonight.
im excited for a vacay

alexandra jade said...

if you are a natural doctor i will definately come to you. nobody understands my boys rash/infection... and i'm all out of ideas. and you have a good blog.

kelsey lucia said...

your necklace is adorable and u shoulda sent me the chocolates haha. jk, they look delish though and u deserve them. =]

p.s. my word veridication is "chance".... hmm...