Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the world and stars now pass us by
and lead us on to the divine
receiving love from everywhere
our fear dissolving into air.

how come i'm always waiting for something? i'm always saying "i cant wait until..." its funny. i'm just really impatient. but really, i can't wait until a lot of things. i need to just relax. its been pouring rain the past couple days, drenched. fresh and clean. i went to the thrift store today - got a couple neat things. two butterflies in frames. i left my other butterfly case in utah so i'll pick that back up when i go out to visit.. in 16 days. saturday from 5:30 till late i am busy on the 21st. garn shoot. can't give too many details about that away. one of those days i have to see natsilly & mikenna.

so obsessed with tagalongs lately. we have a box full of them. bad idea. i keep taking hundreds at a time. i've been working out like crazy lately too. i think i am just going in circles. i've been doing a lot of cardio to work out my legs. my legs are really the only thing that need work. where is everyone? lets talk and discuss lives. in the mean time, here are some tagalongs, a flyer for a rally in sacramento, and ... a cat in a bag


chanelle said...

my legs are the only things that i ever feel the need to work on whenever i feel like i need to work on something physically. i think it's cus i'm so short and stout. like the teapot, hahaha. i've never had tagalongs before sadly! but hey, after mexico i'm gonna save up for some kind of union between us. for real. this has gone on for what... 4 years? since 8th grade... hahaha oh my gosh i remember your first message to me. still makes me laugh.

Pres8Jes said...

i cant hold still even though i think thats what i wish i could do the most sometimes. im pretty sure ive got some anxiety issues but i deal with it. i feel like a waste of time if im not being productive or am up and going going going. im tryin to set up myu things for a sanfran trip in september, you should meet up with me and a lil one for the power to the peaceful festi

oooh come to mirah, shes great have you heard the joyride remixes album it rocks.

There was a time when the sun
Gave it's life to the trees
And the air it smelled sweeter
For the honey and the bees

The ocean rolled salty
And wild and free
The fruit swelled and ripened
And burst with their seeds

But what starts with desire
Can turn into need
The chest gets all tight
Like it's got some disease

What burns in the fire
Just ends up as coals
What floats on the water
Can sink like a stone