Sunday, February 15, 2009


so tired. ive been working and doing homework all weekend. painted a little at tiffany's. i can't sleep yet because i have homework. tomorrow i work 10-4. a meeting at 9 with my group from school. more homework. i just want to sleep with out being woken up by my cat. i wish i had some time. its very windy outside.

"i like watching you doing something
you are naturally good at."


kelsey lucia said...

chit chat chit chat.
seems like everyones fallen off the earth doesn't it?

kelsey lucia said...

he sat down and was telling me i was fat and how i wasn't keeping up with scholarships, completely untrue since i've been like anal about them, and telling me how i need to get away from my bf and be my own person because im not my own person anymore apparently.
idk where he gets this when he sees my five minutes a week or something like that haha. but yeah some people need to fall off the earth. i think we should push them.... =]

Pres8Jes said...

i like your mind


Molly said...

i'm going to be better at blogging.
go see my new puppy! (on my page)

chanelle said...

i finally bought new oil paints and brushes. they were so expensive though, but they're really good. looove.