Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in the words of

my soul sister nell, in the words of adam duritz ~
"if you've never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame"

yan-yan's - SUCH a weird Japanese treat. you dip these in a vanilla frosting. but like, read what's on the sticks. so funny.


my new lamp shade:

this is the lamp shade that i made. bought the lampshade new. then ... customized. with cords, lace bits and fringe. with my handy dandy... hot-glue-gun. the hot-glue-gun is my FAVORITE toy in the world. officially. i was looking all over my room and then all over the house for more things to use the hot-glue-gun on. i found nothing.

plus, randomly and surprisingly my mom just happened to have drawers full of different cords, lace, fringe etc so i didn't have to go pick anything out at a store. i just got to dig through what we already had. how random. my family is so conveniently random. that's an oxymoron if i ever heard
it, right?


in other news, i got my new skin for my cellular phone... click to enlarge.


Pres8Jes said...

only you would have those, i wanna dip some o them.
hows cali?
im back in utah now,
oh its nice too.
so are you makin it happen or what?

Molly said...

cool phone cover. where do you get them?

cult classic said...

skin it is really good. and so is that coach charm. coff coff.

stephanie said...

whoa, isn't that the cover that same has on his zune.. or it was the moon, pretty much the same