Tuesday, March 10, 2009

current events

this happened this morning. i was in the hallway when it happened. our sweet little eldorado campus? how bizarre.

i got a new camera... an olympus. with the coolest strap ever. works perfect. got it at the thrift store. i've taken one photograph with her & it was of alex & his retainer...

right now i am at my grandmas house waiting here until 3 when my dentist appointment is. then at 4:30 i am going to assist with lisa taking a senior portrait up at the larson park behind my house. beautiful back there. this is my first photoshoot assisting with her! the last time i was at a photoshoot with lisa.. i was being shot! that was about... 5 years ago i think. time flies. day light savings is giving me a harder time than i thought it would.


Ginger said...

Scary! I am jealous of your new camera. I asked Sam if I can have his camera when he is done with it. He said yes. So that picture is soooo cute of both you and Eli. Sam said you were probably going to visit him when you come to Utah. Cool. How long will you be here?

Pres8Jes said...

oh thats cuuute.
take me some pics thrift store cam.
you are coming waaaaaay soon,
probably visit sam? TRY staying with him.
wheres the pic collage

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