Monday, March 16, 2009

olsen twins.

i've been friends with the olsen twins since i was little. i think maybe 7. i love their style these days, its so easy. i don't pick favorites with anything. and i wont start. but i will say that ashley is more like me. i like her. i wish we could hang out. marykate probably has some pretty good things to say too. maybe we'll hang later.

i bet it would be cool having a twin . sometimes.

i need new sunglasses. and some heels. some good ones.
i also want my hair to be more blonde and not so ridiculous as it has been being lately. its difficult. especially when i NEVER style it. i just let it air dry and then thats that. maybe i should take some time and effort to make it nice. i'll try it tomorrow morning.

i also have no idea why my skin is not so hot all of a sudden. my skin is never annoying. of course. this is typical. right before my vacation & my photoshoot. i shouldn't be surprised. haha cassie. i think its the stress.

i am writing a letter to the New York Times for my sociology project. i'm writing about media bias. its a really dumb assignment but i'm just trying to pass this ridiculous class and get over it. it should be good tho.

i'm dipping my toes into
the pool

just to see
maybe its warm yet

i don't think
i'll ever be ready

go swimming again.


alexandra jade said...

for a second i thought you really were friends with the olsen twins and i was like... really jealous. because i have loved them for so long i used to have a olsen twins photo album haha

Ginger said...

I loved the Olsen babies on Full House!! Haha. I totally remember them playing the baby and I was way, way old. Like 10 or something.

alexandra jade said...

what ever like you hang out with them ?