Sunday, March 29, 2009


friday i went to anthonys house around 10. we did some watercolors in the yard. we also looked and cooed at the 5 new baby kittens that JanKy birthed last week. so little soft and cute. we named two so far - mud shake & smoosh. i can't wait to hold them. then when tiffany came over at 12 we started to rake & weed the herb garden spot on the hill. we didn't get far but its progress nonetheless. we plan on fixing up the yard real nice this summer.

i went on an hour bike ride with my sister. our legs hurt very bad. but it was worth it and we want to keep doing it more often. i also sorta got some stuff done on my analytical term paper.. but eh.. its really getting me down..

oh i also let anouk outside.. she loves it. she just prowls arond the garden where i am working at and sniffs stuff and gets spooked when the wind blows leaves around. its really cute. she likes to explore. i put lots of new tunes on my ipod today. i'm still not done tho. just taking a break.

now i'm just ending the day in a not so great mood. just really frusterated with life and squirmy from discomfort. discomfort from not having a whole lot of control over things and wanting to just give up. really irritated at the things that bind me. never satisfyed with what i am or what i have. difficulty getting over things. no end in sight. people who continue to keep giving me advice can just stop because i've heard it and i know. i can say those same things and sound like i know what i'm talking about but that doesnt make what is being said something "that simple" to do. i just want to get everything over with. i want to get out of here. why can't i just win the lotto or something. why is money always the root..

falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus


meg said...

damn I only hope to be able to write as much as you someday!! haha. I'm a beginner blogger. Spring break is next week!!! Ahhh. What are your plans? We should get together some time during, I'll be in town for the first half, from Monday-Wednesday. We should go to apple hill !! mmm. Or wait, are they open? haha. I haven't been up to p-ville in foreeever.

lovely lindsay said...

just pick your fabric and send it my way and i'll whip it up into something fantastic. good deal?
love, lin

Pres8Jes said...

i need to garden, it lifts my soul i love it. i wish i had a garden or piece of earth to garden in. brad and i are looking for the cheapest place we can find for us and our funny little bunch we're about to have goin on here. 2bed one bath.....for cheap we're movin end of may. HELP!!!!
when are you coming back here? and will you please go to 311/ziggymarley with me, that would be awesome.
whats on your mind, hit me up?

Meg said...

what trips are you planning?