Sunday, March 8, 2009

dosha - TO DO LIST #2

- accumulate merit

- keep criticisms to a minimum

- maintain integrity

- let opposition strengthen your resolve

- never expect to loose

- avoid eating between meals

- downsize, so that you can support your lifestyle with work you enjoy

- lie with your legs against a wall to unkink your mind & body

- live a humble life


- use what your have rather than buy new things

- own less

- let go of all content and you will be totally content (bernard gunther)

- safeguard your privacy

- give into neither passion nor sadness

- arrange to go on a hot-air balloon ride

- choose comfort over fashion

- change with the seasons

- express glee

- live with in your income

- empty yourself of greed and grasping desire, the root of all suffering

- make peace with the fact that some of the best people in your life are fallible, unreasonable and sometimes downright annoying.


chanelle said...

another good list

Ginger said...

I like this. I wish I could stop spending money but it is hard. I am trying harder lately, though. However, that is not so good on our sad economy.