Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lil deuce

how cute is she. i love the one of her meowing. it makes me laugh everytime.

i love her fluffy head. i want a kitten like her. i am going to be such a cat lady... i can't wait.


Ginger said...

So cute. Too bad we missed the kitten phase with Maui. Oh well. We are probably addicted to cats now so when she dies maybe we will get a kitten. PS Eli is soooooo sick. Poor guy.

Pres8Jes said...

cat lady, that one of her meowing made me laugh too, its so funny.
thanks for your good vibin.
tomorrow or friday i can beehive.
brad and i one year on saturday.aaaaaaaaaaaah!

my_love_is_only_yours said...

OMG she is way to cuteeeeeee =) AHHHHH!

"Cat lady" that sounds cool.