Sunday, May 24, 2009


here i am. back at home. my cat is so precious and cuddled with me this morning i love her so much. its beautiful outside my window - still as green as can be. there is a vine creeping up my gate and into my flower boxes. there is a pretty 'welcome home' vase with flowers from my moms garden on my table with a big white yummy sweet smelling peony in it. my room is untouched - except for my closet which i had to re-organize because my sister had at it while i was away & apparently she doesn't know how to properly put away clothes in the right fashion... my suitcase is unpacked but will soon be re-packed for my trip to virginia on wednesday. (much smaller suitcase tho) i have a photoshoot today at 11:30, back to work back to the life.

my utah trip was so nice. i didn't do a lot of what i had planned - but that always happens. the main thing is is that i had fun with what i did do.

i had fun with joanna too - my bunkbuddy. her bed is the most comfortable thing probably ever. i didn't want to move for days when i was on her bed. we somehow didn't get any photos together. i don't know how that happens. oh well. next time. i helped joanna & allison move into their new apartment.. its IDENTICAL to my old one. just with light blue walls & a couple different things like stove & sink. it made me miss my old place so much. i really want to move back to utah. i'm just not done there yet! i think maybe i'll transfer to the U for my medical stuff cause they have a really good program. but first i gotta finish up here in california! so i won't move back for a while. maybe summer or fall 2010.

i need more money. i want to buy a really nice camera. & i want to start saving up big time for a serious move. it'll be hard.. but i need to do it.
anyway. hi blog world.


Ginger said...

I am sad we didn't get to see you. Darn the luck.

chanelle said...

i would LOVE to just take photos of you and follow you around. it's my favorite thing to do. just to document. we'll do it when i come out there. i can't wait to hang out with you, it'll be the funnest. and i miss you too!!

chanelle said...

(i have to leave home so i'll read your new post when i get home and i'll comment on it also) but i use my moms Cannon RebelXT. it's a real nice camera, and she has a lot of crazy lenses, mostly zooms. but i reallly want a fisheye!

Pres8Jes said...

what are you going to virginia for? i went and visited Falls Church before, it was so hot and i got lost trying to shop. who did your photoshoot while you were here, ? i want to see.