Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mustache party etc

9999999999 kitten typed that and i don't want to delete it because she's cute and little. she has890000000000000000mbnnnnnnnm
ok. she did it again. but she has been cuddling on my lap and purring AND meowing. shes sooo cute. i wuv her. but not as much as my anouk - who i miss a lot. my little baby... 
iris took a bunch of photos at a mustache party the boys had on saturday. they are so funny! here are some of my favorites:

vitamin water & lovesac
me & issac always have such weird photos together

i love this photo but steph isnt paying attention

making a winning throw for a team & abbey post-bite

i have more on my facebook. there were a lot of drunky people there... beer is gross. but it was so funny to watch everyone and socialize. i love to socialize and be around people... i forget sometimes. 

i am so tired. and hungry. sam is in logan until friday i am a little bummed i wanted to go on a hike with him or something. oh well. tomorrow i am hopefully hanging out with ginger and then my photoshoot is at 6. i heard tomorrow it is supposed to rain. 

i saw two quails today run across the street on 1100e, a little couple. a boy & a girl. i wonder what that means because i saw a quail couple last week in the parking lot and it was really random because i never see quails. and i live in california.. its our state bird. so seeing them in utah must been something. i wish i brought the animal speak book so i could look it up. google will suffice. 


Pres8Jes said...

good pics. i wish i could hike my belly up a mtn, itd make me so happy and ease all of my stresses to be up there. i got a new polish today but its so cheap it doesnt even have a name. i put 3 coats on, i wish it would shine.
when should i come get the chair!?

michelle said...

I need more bracelets in my life.