Thursday, September 10, 2009


i'll stay over here. if that's how you're gonna be.

i've been going on runs lately. to the blackberry bushes and back. i pulled my thigh/butt muscle yesterday, but i went on the activator and it doesn't hurt at all today. i go around 7 because it's cooler and more quiet. i feel like i'm alone sometimes. i smell the sprinklers and the apple trees. i see the geese flying in. i pick the blackberries at the finish line & eat some for a while. then i run back. (because they aren't mine, i'm sort of "stealing")

i've been looking for ways to escape unnoticed lately. trying to devise a plan to run away. but anouk keeps me from bolting. i think she'd survive with out me, i'm sure we'd both suffer from heart ache and heart break. if i could bring her with me i would, but she'd be too much work.


michelle said...

I was an advocate for this blog the whole time.

cult classic said...

thats pretty cool im hoping to go to new york like middle of december with ryan i hope it materialies because i think it would be tight anyways ya i don't think you can top new years in france

Anonymous said...

i want to go to france ca we stop by sweden ?? i want to go !!!!!!!!!!!