Wednesday, September 30, 2009

cathartes aura "golden purifier" - vulture

in the earliest of times, the sun lived very close to the earth - so close in fact that life upon the earth was becoming unbearable. the animal world got together and decided to do something about it. they wanted to move the sun further away. the fox was the first to volunteer, and he grabbed the sun in his mouth and began to run to the heavens. after a short while, the sun became too hot, burning the fox's mouth, and he stopped. to this day, the inside of the fox's mouth is black.
then the opossum volunteered. he wrapped his tail around the sun and began running toward the heavens. before long thought, the sun became too hot, burning his tail and he had to stop. . to this day the opossum has no hair upon its tail.
it was then that vulture stepped forward. vulture was the most beautiful and powerful of birds. upon its head was a beautiful mantle of rich feathering that all other birds envied. knowing that the earth would burn up unless someone moved the sun, the vulture placed its head against it and began to fly to the heavens. with powerful strokes of its wings, it pushed and pushed the sun further and further up into the heavens. thought it could feel its crown feathers burning, the vulture continued until the sun was set at a safe distance in the sky away from the earth. unfortunately, vulture lost its magnificent head of feathers for eternity.

my newest totem is the vulture. my totems i already have are bees, moths and hawks. the vulture makes the perfect addition to my totem family. very happy about this. i will probably write more about this topic later. i need canvas to start more paintings. my birthday is in 4 days.


yiqin; said...

Very nice photo of the vulture!!

Cantaloupeisland said...
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Cantaloupeisland said...

That was a sweet story! Are you making totem poles? What are you hoping for your birthday Cassie? :-)

michelle said...

oh ive been meaning to tell you, my life has been over taken by moths. they are in my window sill, my car, my bathroom, my cupboards, seriously. they freak me out. I think its a sign of some sort.

Valencia Lia said...

Really beautiful story :))

And I love the idea of totems but not too sure what they mean.

Anyway,any plans for your birthday ?

Pres8Jes said...

you texted me about this pretty post. add the golden purifier to you totem. my life just got turned upside down this weekend and crashed and bled all into this week. i didnt see the tornado coming so it made the impact rather painful. i wasnt prepared.

so your birthday is soo, and this is a big one. what might you plan on doing?
hit mt up. ive been way too busy

miranda said...

vulture was the most beautiful and powerful of bids.

i can imagine you saying it like that, even though it's a typo. hahhahah!

Ginger said...

Hey what happened to your blog. All the sudden I realized you haven't updated in a while then saw your blog was deleted but then I found this one.