Wednesday, September 2, 2009

some of yosemite

working with light

valley floor drivin with the sunroof open

there was a bug on me.. haha

yosemite .. the view you come here to see.

our "waterhole" as lindsey called it.

me scoping out the surroundings for a photograph

lindsey kept taking photos of me


Ruta said...

ohh i got your package, i do hope you like it. i felt bad cause yours was bigger but i still hope you liked mine. i tried to wrap it all native american cause you said you like that kinda of stuff, but i dunno how well it survived the post office.

plsui should have explain some stuff. like the frame was a diy and the picture is a polaroid i took a while ago of this gorgeous photograph that i have in my room, and since you said you were from paris, i thought you'd like it. i hope the incense is ok and the scrolls and everything.

ps. i saw it was your birthday oct 4. mines the 3rd. how wierd is that?

pps. i love everything in the package, especially the mouse pin. sooo darling.

Shley1derful said...

i am going for an art show, i will be leaving today. i will be in santa cruz and oakland. do you live near there? read the long post on my blog from a few days ago and you'll know why i'm going. hit me back! like today! LOVE!

Sophia said...

ahh that looks so serene! very cool.

hahah and adam doesn't wear that much makeup usually, it was from the concert ;)