Sunday, September 27, 2009

silver lake 2


TheGlamorousEccentric said...

beautiful serene pictures im so envious

Valencia Lia said...

Beautiful pictures girl !! I love the last one especially :))

Wayyy cool that you're getting the D300! Heard its an awesome camera and Jane from Seaofshoes uses this exact same model right now !

Yeaa,I'm quite used to a Nikon. My previous compact camera was also from there:)

Adore those pants you're wearing :)

michelle said...

great pictures
and I would buy those pants
they pretty much look like the most comfortable thing ever.
and I love the new slang by the shins.

Valeriesoh said...

dude. that photo with you and the silver things, you look bad-ass like super cool and tough. I would not want to mess with you! omg. I wish I could look like that! maybe will scare my minions into working! hahah

i love the color of your eyes!

xx from hong kong

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Awww,girl you're really sweet with your comment. heeeee

Casual outfits are good for me at times as they are really much more comfortable than those dressed up ones.

Ohhh have you seen Alexander Wang latest collection?? And he does the side braid on all his models.
Thats why I said the Alexander Wang braid. heeee

Kinda a fun look to go for<3 I'll show you a better up close photo soon !

And those pants are made by you which I think its so beautiful and cool:)

Can't wait to see you taking photos with your new camera !