Thursday, September 17, 2009


so the other day i saw so many vultures on the side of the road so i had to pull over. i was standing among over 20 of them and it was just fascinating. so i went back again today and they were all still there eating and picking at the same dead buck. but today the bucks head and part of his torso were gone. the vultures fly away or sit on posts when i get out of the car. but today one of the vultures was posing for me with his wings out, he did for 2 minutes, and i managed to get a decent picture of it. it was really cool! i think my next painting will be vultures "dining". i wonder if anyone will want that painting. if they don't that's fine because at least i'll know how amazing it really is and the meaning it has to me. just being around that many and seeing that many. so awesome.


cult classic said...

dude i would most definatly want that painting. sorry i havn't gotten back to you yet with that number i've been extreamly lazy.

Pres8Jes said...

that would definitely be a crazy painting, it would be one of a kind, i'll have to see it.

and thats not utah in general at all....its tooele!