Saturday, March 20, 2010

river day

today i spent the afternoon with 2 of my good friends jackie & audra. it is mid march, 70 degrees. we were tanning and relaxing on the american river. this is california. it was a nice day. i skipped some rocks. its a hard thing to do & to learn but i did a couple. jackie taught us to hula-hoop and i am going to continue my practicing and learn some cool things. i told my paps about the speeding ticket i got . but first i called my neighbor , who lucky for me is a retired sheriff. i asked him a couple questions about the ticket and whatnot. he is great. so i had some info to tell my dad to put him at ease. PHEW. he was upset but not as mad as i thought. stress is off my shoulders. goodness.

oh my, did i tell you all that i am going to the Holi festival in utah march 27th/? its true. i am so so so excited and i am so happy to be going this year. i can not wait to take photos and celebrate this. i can't stop smiling and wiggling around with excitement. some links:

i was searching and collecting prime skipping rocks

me hula-hooping

jackie hula-hooping

then i was driving home afterwards, i went past goldbud orchards and saw this beautiful scene:

this is my home. its where i live. can you believe it? all this beauty so close in one area.


Jenna said...

I feel so full of joy right now. To find out you are going to be back so soon!!!!

sanchez said...

I feel like you should have tried skipping stones whilst hula hooping.
that would have been amazing.

I'm glad your so happy, and relaxed. :)

michelle said...

like this post, its sweet.

daisychain said...

what a gorgeous post

David said...

gotta love CA

em said...

dude i just got a ticket to. not only that but i am still paying off another one. when you get tickets in utah you can go to a traffic class so your insurance wont find out. its like an hour long class but worth it. sometimes you can do community service instead of paying. depending on certain situations.

ryan manning said...


Anonymous said...

i love love orchards trees!