Monday, March 29, 2010


so i went to utah for 3 days to attend the holi festival on saturday. it was FANTASTIC. you guys. i have to go next year too. it was great. i had a nice time in utah. nicole & i just hung out and were lazy most of the time. i hung out with sam and had really intense talks which was well needed. tough times i tell ya...
here are some photos from my Holi festival experience:

jackie & i - walking to the festival.

jackie blessing me

me blessing jackie

nicole calls this "the celebrity look" hahaha so funny!
i didnt even know she was taking a photo which makes it even funnier.

nicole & i - blessed!

haeree ... this photo is so intense to me. its beautiful!

me , covered head to toe in colors

nicole & i = pre-celebration (oops)

jackie kissing a llama ... i did this too but my hair got in the way of the photo

love this photo of nicole!

we were dancing maniacs around the burning of Holika!! loved it

nicole & i - vivid


AMAZING. outstanding. breathtaking.

haha gosh look at me.. i think this photo is so funny!

so much fun

spread the good around

the gang!

this is the best photographo of me that has ever been taken. EVER.

i adore this.. me & nicole with the flower between her feet


sweetevis said...

I am for sure not missing this next year!.. I was hoping that I would make it but they decided to celebrated my nephews b-day that day.. this looks so much fun!!! :)

Karobaro said...

WOW - love your facials:-)

ryan manning said...


David said...

looks sooo beautiful! love the pics, thanks! sorry to hear about the intense talks. I sure know what that's like.. tough times indeed but these things happen and must happen to keep the peace : )

Cantaloupeisland said...

That looks like an amazing time. I guess this is why you were M.I.A. :-D

michelle said...

this looks so fun