Friday, March 12, 2010

i've been away for a while, here is why

as you all know i've been away in utah for the past week , it was a good but exhausting time. i really miss it and i am torn between utah & california. i think i want to move back. but it doesn't seem logical sometimes. i have to think a lot about it . because i really miss and love all my friends there. we will see when the time comes. i'm not going to post up all the photos at once, but here are some randoms i like a lot. i cant wait for simon to post up the ones from his camera and nicole too. they both got good photos! i miss everyone already. especially my sammer & nicole. sigh.

Kodak 400 BW CN, Contax 645, 80mm f2.0, no photoshop
- taken by ryan muirhead

jozef made us cut onions for dinner ... he made us cry.
my makeup was everywhere haha!

me at Tony Caputos looking at the amazing foods & sweets. (300s, 400w)

carly & macy at jake garns photowork shop - taken with my d300s!

this is my favorite photo of a human being i've ever taken & it was all an accident. this is maddie, one of the models at the workshop. my iso wasn't high enough, this is what came out! i LOVE it. i tried it in b&w too, but the color version is the original i didn't even have to edit it.. YES!

this is jack - my best lokes baby boy . he is so funny & cute to hang out with.

this is train tracks. i spent some time here & watched two big trains roll past slowly. it was amazing. i really like trains a lot

good bye utah. this reminded me of the alps but a lot smaller.

we stopped by a tiny little town to take pictures. this is me

the tiny town had a herd of stray cats that were super cute... i wanted all of them

this is the last photo i took with my camera on the trip.


daisychain said...

I was wondering about you the other day

Cantaloupeisland said...

Looks like you had a great time. ;-)
I love that train track picture. But, then again, I love train tracks. :-)

Ginger said...

Still sad we missed you! Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pics!!!

I really love the one ryan took of you.. if that was me i would print it huge! seriously :)

sanchez said...

I just found your blog,
your an amazing photographer. I really enjoy your candid photos of people. They seem to have a strange nostalgic feel to me :)

Look forward to reading more of your posts!

Blogger said...

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