Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tahoe for the 4th of July !

heading up there this late afternoon with Audra - we've been goin up to her Cabin in Southlake since 2004. We are mainly gonna relax and go to the beach and get a mountain tan (you get soo tan in the mountains its wild) and im bringing my hula hoop and meetin up with some friends for some good times. very excited to have a little get-away.

this picture makes me miss mitch ... my smile is so big because he makes me smile that big all the time. and he picked me that pink flower... we had so much fun. he is the best . i never thought i'd be so happy . but i am. he completes me . as cheesy as that may sound. :) i love you mitch meyer!

the gispy kings :: i love them... music with energy and the ability to get your body movin ::
Gipsy Kings - Pharaon by Tui Petra


TIGER LILY said...

That's my birthday too!

Anonymous said...

:) <3

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Thats a great photo, they look so happy, as do you!

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Ginger said...

and you will make such a great mommy!