Sunday, June 3, 2012

i wanted to be a mermaid...




audra and i had a little fun with my iphone on saturday.... underwater fun. i am pretty pleased. 
here are some other ones ... its hard to narrow down my favorites. but we plan on taking more creative ones this summer, and even today. i need to find a good website to put all my photography. tumblr.. i guess. i'll work on getting one started and let you guys know when its up. 

we are gonna keep having fun. 


beautifulurself said...

i love those!! you should start a flickr account, or tumblr works too. haha <3

Anonymous said...

STUNNING!!! You are talented little lady.

XO - The Playmate.

Anonymous said...

iPhone huh?? I call bullshit.

cassandra noëlla said...

ha its not bullshit. they make underwater cases .

who is the playmate? im dying here with these anonymous posts.

Blogger said...

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